The Media Algorithm: 5 Tips to Reach Your Target Audience

The Media Algorithm: 5 Tips to Reach Your Target Audience

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Relevancy is king. In a digital world, people are receiving a constant influx of information, whether from advertising or social media. As stores of information, products, photos, videos, advertisements, and content build, they crowd every media platform. However, web and digital programmers have come up with a solution to quell the waves: the media algorithm.

What is the algorithm?

Algorithms sort content by relevance rather than “publish time”, gradually “learning” what content users prefer to see and serving them media based on this system. Tim Clarke of SEOblog summarized the process when he said, “In 2022, everything will be algorithm-driven and brands should provide a user experience that customers want, or their content will be less relevant.”

To media consumers this algorithm can be a relief–no longer seeing content that doesn’t apply to you can help reduce the constant information overload and can surround you with people, advertisers, and media who reflect your interests.

However, as a marketer this algorithm can seem daunting. How is it possible to get exposure for your ads if the algorithm can filter them out? How can you reach your target audience?

Marketers, it is possible. In fact, it may give you an increased ability to reach, and more importantly, convert your potential consumers. Take a look at what you can do to increase impressions and get conversions despite the algorithm.

  1. Know your audience. To ensure content makes it through the algorithm filter, cater to the target audience’s tastes using copy, graphics, and stylistic elements. Make your content fit their lifestyle and stand out more than competitors. To do this, know your customers inside and out, using extensive market research to know exactly what content appeals to them most.
  2. Less is more. To contrast with the information and content overload, focus on simplicity in content creation. We’ve written another post about the importance of simple content in media HERE.
  3. Publish native video content. Showcase your product in the form of video. Videos are favored by the algorithm. They captivate the audience and allow for more product information in less time.
  4. Post on time. According to a Sprout Social article on social media marketing with algorithms, there are optimized hours during the day when your participants are more active, depending on your target audience. These are the best times to post your content.
  5. Post quality content. This is summarized well in an article by HubSpot called 5 Social Media Algorithms Marketers Need to Know About in 2022 “…this means picking relevant topics, writing delightful copy, and posting compelling images and videos.” High quality, relevant content makes all the difference in appeasing the algorithm and getting engagement for your posts.

Catering to the algorithm may seem difficult at first, but these guidelines help deliver the most relevant content possible to your specific target group of consumers. Follow these tips to use algorithmic content selection to your advantage and increase your brand engagement on social media and algorithm-based platforms. For additional assistance, contact us!

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