Simple Social Strategies

Simple Social Strategies

Simple Social Strategies with FUEL Marketing

Whether you use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Instagram, having a social media presence can increase brand awareness, humanize your brand, and allow you to reach your target audience and potential customers. However helpful it may be, utilizing social media for your brand may feel overwhelming. You may have questions like: what should I post? How often do I want to publish content? What do I want the brand voice to be? What graphic style do I prefer?

We can help you answer all those questions, but what will help your social media presence the most is to remember one thing: keep it simple.

Less is much, much more.

With over 3.96 billion social media users worldwide, it’s no wonder that social media can be overwhelming.

Anyone who regularly posts on Twitter knows how restrictive the character count can be. Even after the restriction was increased to 280 characters, it’s often challenging to fit your whole message into such a small space. However, by keeping your message short and sweet, a simple message can help your brand stand out.

Simple Social Strategies with FUEL Marketing

Although the limit for Facebook posts is 63,206 characters, the ideal length for a Facebook post is 40-50 characters, according to HubSpot. Especially in a space known for its rambling updates and overshares, keep your content focused on exactly what you want to say, without any extra frills. Focus on maintaining quality information and nixing any filler words. No need for complicated composition and extensive exposition in your post copy. It’s Facebook, not an academic forum.

Go for graphics.

Using visuals is an easy way to capture attention and communicate a lot of information in a small amount of space. Whether you implement infographics, quotes, behind-the-scenes shots, or dynamic photos, high-quality, powerful visuals are the way to easily reach your target audience.

A study analyzing nearly 60,000 websites found that most people only read 20-28% of the words on a webpage. When words are replaced with images, interest, attention, interaction, and subject retention skyrocket. Simple, clean, eye-catching graphics can help convey your brand’s message in a text-saturated space.

Simplicity reigns supreme.

Cutting down your content to feature simple essentials can be difficult. Here at FUEL Marketing, we’ve worked with many companies to reframe and rephrase their social presence to efficiently share their message. If you’re interested in a social media shape-up, contact us today!

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