Why a Media Mix is a (Really) Good Thing

Why a Media Mix is a (Really) Good Thing

Why a marketing media mix is a really good thing with FUEL Marketing

Here at FUEL Marketing, we believe that now, more than ever, is a great time for advertisers to branch out and try new mediums. A media mix, or often known as a marketing mix, is the blend of communication tactics that an advertising agency will deploy to effectively market their clients’ products or services.

Why is now the perfect time to consider adding more advertising avenues? In recent months, the marketing world has seen many changes, including Facebook’s iOS update, current global events, and what could be considered digital fatigue. Then, add the new news of the biggest social platforms, Facebook and Instagram, being scrutinized further by congress …well, 2021 keeps throwing curveballs!  However, we’ve always led by asking our clientele, why put all your (marketing) eggs in one basket? With so many growing opportunities and emerging platforms, as well as tried-and-true advertising methods, there are many reasons why a media mix is a (really) good thing.

Diversify Your Campaign

Having a diverse marketing mix allows a brand to test campaigns and see better results, preventing the potential bad habit of relying on just one technique to reach their target audience. If a brand is only using one advertising channel to advertise their products, there is no other method to help reach people. Having a media mix will help increase and balance the ROI and will help deploy the most effective tactics.

Lift Your Messaging

Give your campaigns a lift! Lift mediums, which are support media or channels that will accentuate CTA digital methods, help provide consumer excitement and better campaign results. For example, an e-commerce social ad competes with many other digital messages; however, with a “lift” you’ll notice CTR (click-thru rate) stats will increase by including a well-placed billboard or audio campaign at the same time. With a more robust budget, another ad channel to consider is OTT (over-the-top) digital video placement, which is TV or film content consumers watch online or on digital networks/platforms. OTT allows commercial placement to reach an individual consumer exactly as desired. A potential consumer will then watch a digital video/television commercial and then see a logo/message on a local billboard, creating a better recall to then take action when a “Buy Now” social ad appears in their feed.

Grow Your Reach and Exposure

By deploying new tactics and multiple ad channels, your campaigns will gain more reach, impressions, and overall brand exposure. It’s been said that it takes the average consumer seeing an ad over seven times before they are poised to take action or convert. So, why not make that conversion happen quicker and reach that customer through multiple channels or platforms?

With an advertising strategy that’s methodical and optimized correctly, a media mix can help elevate your company to the next level.

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