Staying True to Your Brand: Authentic Marketing

Staying True to Your Brand: Authentic Marketing

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The importance of staying true to your marketing message cannot be overestimated. Many companies overlook this important tenant in the rush to acquire new customers. However, being authentic and consistent is the key to not only targeting new customers, but also maintaining them. If you consistently deliver outstanding products and services over time, while being aware of trends, your customers will stay with you, because they know they can count on you.

Understanding Your Audience and Brand

You may assume that what you offer has universal appeal and that the target audience is everyone. That’s not true. Your products and services have a target audience that can be defined. The goal is to find ways to identify these people so you can create marketing campaigns that speak to them directly.

One of the challenges that most companies face is that they are too close to their own brands. This is why it’s important to seek the assistance of a skilled advertising, marketing and PR agency.

By seeing your brand through new eyes, an agency can identify potential weaknesses and aspects that consumers may find offensive or even difficult to understand. Taking this important step allows companies to create marketing messages and campaigns that fully address any possible brand concerns, before they occur.

Consistent Brand Messaging

In advertising, marketing and PR, “messaging” refers to how your brand is communicated (while also adhering to your style guide and product positioning) via various media. For a brand to having staying power and remain a focal point in customers minds, true and consistent messaging is essential.

Being true to your brand does not does not mean communicating the same thing on every media channel. It’s okay to communicate different topics and use different creative layouts, but certain design or communications guidelines must remain the same so that your customers instantly recognize your brand when they see your ads or marketing messages. Remember, it’s important that the quantity of output does not override your ability to provide consistent, quality content. For example, do not use social media just because you have a Facebook page. It must play a role in your marketing plan.

Choosing the Best Media Channels to Reach Customers

What’s the best way to reach your target audience? Start by thinking about how your target audience gets information. Do they use social media, streaming movies, television, radio, newspapers, websites or online searches? Or a mix of some or all of these?

Again, there is no absolute answer on the best channels to use to reach a target audience. It depends on your goal. For example, a local business, looking for a local audience, does not need a nationwide online search campaign to reach its local target audience. Instead, it’s probably best to create a campaign that’s geotargeted locally, which could include a local online search campaign and/or even a local newspaper ad, to garner the most favorable results.

In the end, your overall goal is for your message to be part of the information stream that your target audience uses. The added benefit of being true and consistent with your messaging is that your brand remains top of mind for the products or services you provide. To learn more about creating an authentic brand for your company, learn more about FUEL Marketing or contact us at info@fuelmarketing.com today.

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