The How-To of TikTok

The How-To of TikTok

The How To of TikTok from FUEL Marketing

TikTok can be an intimidating platform when it comes to marketing strategies- the algorithm is seemingly random, making virality seem elusive to every user. However, there are a few best practices that can ensure a greater audience reach.

Use Insights

TikTok’s Business Account feature gives insight into your company’s demographic makeup, such as age and gender. These insights can be valuable when planning content because they can help identify optimal trends and times to post. Understand and interpret insights here.

Stay Consistent

Unlike other social media platforms, the TikTok algorithm rewards those who post more frequently. Posting once a day can be a challenge for many businesses and content creators, but the platform has adopted a more “casual” and “down-to-earth” setting. While videos need to be high quality, do not overthink aesthetics. Great content can easily be created without the perfect background or scene.

Serve Fresh Content

While posting frequently is a key best practice for TikTok, the platform recommends posting engaging and intentional content. Trends will be your best friend when it comes to reach. Make sure to stay current with sounds, music, effects, and transitions to serve relevant content to your audience. Sound is power for your videos; easily find the fastest-growing sounds on the app through the search feature. Other simple tips to remember are to post vertical videos, use trending and brand-related hashtags, add captions, and keep videos between 15 and 21 seconds.

Play to Your Niche

Tiktok has over 150 million users on the app with over half of 18-29-year-olds scrolling consistently. Because of the unique algorithm, niche products and services can gain a large following while also educating potential consumers. Within 30 minutes of downloading the app, the algorithm will start to understand the interests of the user and what videos will resonate the most. Don’t underestimate the power of strategically writing captions and hashtags. TikTok is becoming the primary search engine for users, and “TikTok SEO” will increase in importance. This is the perfect opportunity to find and carve your space into the app.

Advertising on TikTok

While TikTok can seem new and daunting, the platform is easy to use and allows for a huge international reach organically or through paid advertisements. Nielsen research shows that 43% of heavy TikTok users feel that the advertising seamlessly blends in with the organic content, leading to more engagement and clicks. Now is the perfect time to utilize your marketing budget on TikTok!

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