Four Key Tactics for Marketing in the World of Education

Four Key Tactics for Marketing in the World of Education

4 Key Marketing Tactics - FUEL Marketing

Marketing in the educational arena can be competitive and complex. So how can you determine the most effective marketing strategy and approach? Your school, college, university or educational organization can attain marketing success by following some key tactics.

1. Review your marketing strategy often

Regardless of your budget, it’s important to schedule time during pivotal points in the year to review and refine your marketing plan. Not only will this help provide a focused approach (to capture candidates and fill open spaces), but it will also ensure future students see your organization’s name and marketing campaign throughout the year. After all, candidate recruitment is a year-round process.

2. Use a multi-medium marketing approach

Print is not a dead medium (especially in the realm of education), but make certain your organization is utilizing a multi-medium approach by being featured in such mediums as broadcast, digital and social—plus direct mail and outdoor (when relevant) too. And, don’t forget promotional items like pens and water bottles. These items are essential to distribute at events. Continuing to keep your name top of mind, in as many mediums as possible, is an excellent investment in your organization’s future and success.

3. Become a top page Google search result

When parents and prospective students are conducting online research for educational providers, it’s critical to be a top result. It’s well-known that Google is one of the most important search engines; and, Google paid advertising is an effective way to help drive traffic to your organization’s website.

Because there is a large amount of competition in Google paid advertising, it’s important to be fully informed when creating your Google advertising campaign. For this reason, it’s a good idea to work with marketing agency experts who are experienced in search engine marketing, otherwise it can become very costly.

4. Engage in social media and share testimonials

Prospective candidates expect your organization to have a strong social media presence across key channels such as Twitter, Facebook and/or YouTube, either through posts or paid advertising. Facebook, YouTube and your website are excellent channels to share positive reviews and testimonials from past parents, teachers and students to help showcase your organization’s success. In addition to testimonials, include awards and any recent testing results on your Facebook page and/or website too. These are all great validations of your educational excellence, which can be incredibly influential in acquiring new candidates and keeping your organization’s name top of mind.

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