B2B Marketing: 3 Strategies To Know Now

B2B Marketing: 3 Strategies To Know Now

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According to current research studies, the average reader’s length of stay on a blog is only 37 seconds. Therefore, it’s more critical than ever that B2B marketers provide a content-rich, targeted experience online for B2B buyers. And while B2B marketing is certain to be different in 2021, here are some key strategies to employ that can result in garnering more consumers for your business.

1. Easy Lead Generation

Increasingly B2B consumers want a more personalized B2C-like customer experience. This includes a faster response time and 24/7 availability. While B2B consumers want a more individualized experience, conversely, they want to supply less information upfront. Market industry research indicates that the majority of B2B buyers said that “excessive form field requirements” would deter them from completing a contact form, with over 50 percent stating they wouldn’t submit a form if “too much personal information” was required. And, the same percentage of respondents stated that if the form included an automatic email subscription, that would deter them as well. So, less is more when it comes to form-filling.

2. Real Time Interaction

“Live” interaction in 2021 will continue to be important for lead generation. Live chat and live webinars are some of the most successful tactics in the marketplace. When surveyed, almost 100 percent of B2B buyers said that the most successful “hook” in the lead generation tool box were webinars, especially those that included questions and answers. As more consumers retreat to working from remote locations, plan to engage in many more webinars this year.

3. Targeted Content Marketing

Also critical to B2B marketing is content marketing. Results from a social media and content industry study show that the top three types of content B2B marketers use include social media content (95 percent), blog posts/short articles (89 percent), and email newsletters (81 percent). Understandably it’s important to utilize different content types, formats, and platforms based on knowledge of the target audience.

And, not only is targeted content a positive asset for B2B marketers for social media, it’s considered essential for a successful search campaign. Google studies reveal that over 71 percent of B2B researchers begin their research with generic Google searches and the majority of researchers, who are online, use search specifically to research business purchases. It’s paramount to create key-word rich content, but selecting the appropriate platform for content is key as well.

In conclusion, if you want to cultivate new B2B consumers in 2021, simplify your lead forms, engage in “live” tactics and create targeted quality content, not only for your website, but for your brand’s social media, blogs and email newsletters too. To learn more about how to maximize your B2B strategies, contact us at [email protected].

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