Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations During Uncertain Times

Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations During Uncertain Times

Advertising, Marketing, and Public Relations during uncertain times.

During uncertainty, the best way to reassure your employees, clients and customers is to communicate. While we cannot control the current societal crisis or COVID-19, we can control our response to it. It’s time to go beyond minor adjustments to marketing messages during the coronavirus. The plan must extend to your advertising, marketing, website, social channels, public relations and more.

Here are six tips that FUEL Marketing recommends to help you formulate a plan that communicates the impact of the current situation and your next-steps to your clients and customers.

  1. Utilize Paid Advertising. Shift your unused budget for events and conferences into paid advertising channels such as direct mail, TV, radio and online advertising. Recent studies have shown that people’s use of their desktop computers and mobile phones has increased 33 percent because of self-quarantine and working at home national directives. People are also utilizing other media channels more regularly. This means advertisers have an improved chance of their ads being seen, more so now, than ever before.
  2. Focus Your Messaging. This is a great opportunity to adapt your messaging to your audience’s pain points and let them know how you can assist them through this time. Show you care. Although we are all practicing social distancing, people seek connection during times of uncertainty. Consider a message to customers to show you’re aware of the issue and offer helpful resources.
  3. Empathize on Social Media. Once your messaging has been defined, make sure your social channels reflect it. Now is the time to focus on what your customers are going through first. Your company’s needs are second. This doesn’t mean you need to stop all other social efforts, but you should increase focus on being compassionate. 
  4. Create Valuable Content. Your customers count on you even more than usual during uncertain times and crisis. Announce changes or impacts to your business. Take a critical look at your existing content and identify what needs to be updated or created to ensure your content truly resonates with your customers. Create content that is appropriate within a variety of channels such as TV, radio, digital/online, social media, website homepage updates, news releases or statements and dedicated website landing pages.  
  5. Engage in Public Relations. There’s a lot happening in the media right now, and reporters are busier and more sensitive than ever to tone-deaf or irrelevant pitches. Work with a public relations specialist to ensure your messaging is mindful of current events. 
  6. Optimize Your Website. Now is the best time to ensure your website is fully optimized and ready to act as a resource for any prospects who are searching for solutions once the market adjusts. High search rankings will continue to be crucial for brand visibility and rankings are achieved by having valuable content on your website. It’s also important to assess your site’s strengths and weaknesses with regards to SEO, traffic performance and conversion rate. If you need to make changes, plan to do them now. 

These are challenging times and it’s important to have your Go to Team. We’re standing by with experts from marketing, design, public relations and social media to website and media placement to help you be successful. 

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