2023: What’s New on Social Media

2023: What’s New on Social Media

What's new on Social Media in 2023

It’s no secret that social media is ever changing, with companies merging, new policies, and adapting tastes of the public, businesses and marketers must learn to adapt to a revolving landscape. Modifying your marketing strategy to fit new tastes and policies is vital to having success online. Here are a few changes and trend predictions that you can expect from social media in 2023.

Pay Attention to Disruptors

Over the last 2 years we have seen the major social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook disrupted by growing channels like TikTok and BeReal. This will continue in 2023, with the introduction of the Metaverse. As the 3D parallel to the digital world, the Metaverse will be an augmented or virtual reality method to accessing the internet. With customized avatars and digital assets the virtual space will be an interactive, immersive, and hyper-realistic player in the digital economy. Jump on board with your company and invest in a space in the Metaverse to become an early adopter in 2023. Saks Off 5th & Instagram mogul “Betches” created the perfect example of an immersive experience with their virtual Holiday House.

More familiar to the world we are currently living in, a best practice for social media in 2023 is to utilize TikTok SEO. TikTok has become a major search engine player, creeping up on Google as a method to search for restaurants, products, and more. With new features like TikTok “local”, it becomes more important to start optimizing your brand content early to rank high on the TikTok search page. 

Focus on Engagement & Virality

Going viral has become a benchmark for success for many companies. But is it a credible marketing strategy, or just a buzz phrase? Predictions for 2023 show that Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn algorithms will continue to prioritize “likes” and engagement over the amount of followers, making virality a possibility for any user. This means it’s even more imperative to create interesting content because brands will have a greater opportunity to engage new prospects and build brand awareness. 

Short form videos will continue to drive as the leader of marketing content. All players in social media have adjusted their algorithms to favor bite-sized videos. Grab and keep the attention of users with punchy, high-quality content to cut through the noise. Multi-sensory experiences and interactive ads will also rise in popularity allowing the consumer to “experience” the brand and participate leading to more brand awareness and viewing time. 

Authenticity is King

New social media channels like TikTok and BeReal, grew in popularity and continued to soar in 2022. It’s important to pay attention to why and how these platforms gained their success. Users are now demanding authenticity rather than perfectly curated and filtered photos. Businesses are now expected to nurture authentic human connections, and in return, consumers will build an emotional connection with the brand. 

A brand will be more successful on social media by using authentic images of everyday life, user-generated content, and having a “personal presence” of company leaders on the pages. Dove and Daniel Wellington are great examples of brands that use primarily user-generated content. Because of this, users are encouraged to post themselves using their products, creating more brand awareness and community around the brand name.


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