10 Reasons to FUEL a News Release: PR Beyond the Obvious

10 Reasons to FUEL a News Release: PR Beyond the Obvious

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News releases are an effective and formidable tool for delivering your message. In fact, it’s one of the best ways to deliver content. A well-written news release can be the cornerstone to building your company’s reputation, garnering media attention, securing media interviews and increasing your online authority. Are you ready? 

What’s the first step? You need a newsworthy approach. 

You might be asking–how do you create content that is attention-getting during these challenging times? 

Your business is full of newsworthy content that can make great news stories. But, it’s the telling of the story that pushes the needle. Traditionally, news releases share something new or “newsworthy” with mass media and other targeted audiences. A well-written news release is not only newsworthy content, it should also be well-timed, engaging and worth creating in the first place. 

The obvious reasons to create a news release include grand openings, launching new products and celebrating an event or anniversary—to name a few. But there are many more that you may not have considered. Here are 10 newsworthy reasons to create your next news release:

  1. Sharing helpful tips or educational information
  2. Providing free training or resources
  3. Hosting a webinar
  4. Re-publishing a blog post
  5. Announcing an accomplishment or certification
  6. Naming a new hire
  7. Revealing a new partnership or collaboration
  8. Publicizing a company event connected to a major holiday or national event
  9. Publicizing an event or happening related to a local or national news story
  10. Introducing a new service

It’s important to keep in mind that a news release is not an ad, but rather an appeal to catch the interest of mass media and other targeted audiences.  A news release should always lead with a news angle. It’s not an opportunity to advertise bargain pricing.  And, opinions should be expressed or attributed to authority figures and/or accredited organizations. 

Finding a way to make almost anything newsworthy is the mark of a great public relations specialist or writer. To learn more about how to FUEL your business and create news releases that capture attention, contact [email protected].

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